About us and our vision

What is Trendsharks?

In the animal kingdom sharks, just like traders and investors in the human world, are exceptionally intelligent and highly inquisitive creatures with a well-developed sixth sense. Did you know that sharks are equipped with a complex electro-sensory system? The electroreceptor organs located near the head allow the shark to sense electromagnetic fields and detect even the slightest temperature shifts in the ocean. In a very similar way, our premium analyses allow traders to sense even the slightest changes in the global markets and take definite action.

Trendsharks is a trading ecosystem of extraordinary professionals offering you not just comprehensive and valuable market analysis but a systematic way to enhance your trading skills, get substantial results and achieve long-term sustainability. We are devoted to providing market enthusiasts across the globe with exceptional in-house content and all the tools needed to make only educated and data-driven decisions. Our mission is to create a global community of traders and investors that thrive together on the market.

Why Trendsharks? What sets you apart of the competition?

The value of human touch

Unlike so many other services, we at Trendsharks offer our clients manually built trading analyses. Using trading algorithms is great in small doses, and can indeed yield instant gratification at times. However, automated trading cannot give you the most important thing in trading – consistency.

Unlike our competitors, we do not rely on automated systems to examine the market. Why is this important in the current market environment? Trading algorithms are made to examine past price action, and thereby build models on the most logical future direction of the market. Yet, the market is seldom behaving logically, particularly in the current volatile times. Moreover, if automated trading could be made to serve multiple traders with the same level of efficiency, then the market would have already stopped existing as we know it because everyone would be buying and selling at the same time. It takes a human brain to understand the complexity of human psyche.

What sets us apart from the rest is our ability to interpret the impact of mass-market psychology. While no trading algorithm can scrutinize the impact of 'fear', 'greed' and emotional decision-making on the market, our team of financial experts does that for you. While there is no single "key to successful trading", we at Trendsharks understand that consistently successful trading can only be achieved when you stop trying to trade like everyone else, but instead understand how everyone else is going to trade, so that you can take advantage of that.

We know the true value of success

There is not a single successful trader who would measure success on the market in 'pips gained everyday', so why would you choose a service that offers you guaranteed daily profit? For one, there is nothing guaranteed on the market, but there is even a more nuanced reason as to why you should not trust anyone promising you conveyor-belt results in trading. Services

We take pride in the level of detail we put in our analyses, which allows different types of traders to take advantage of the underlying trading opportunity in different ways. Our analyses can be equally suitable for swing traders, day traders, intraday traders, and mothers.

More importantly, we show you the full market picture. While other services are content with providing you with a simple entry price level, stop-loss level, and a take profit level, we strive to go the extra mile. Of course you will find trading guidance in our analyses, but beyond that, we also present you with the things you need to be on the lookout in case that the market changes between the times we write the analysis and you read it.

The market, as you know, is extremely fluid, which means that its underlying sentiment could change at any moment. Using our analyses, you will know exactly what to be looking for so that you can catch the earliest glimpses of the sentiment changing. This will allow you to adjust your trading positions accordingly. The benefit of this far outweighs the benefit of the basic trading signals with their crude entry and exit levels.

Finally, we do not measure our success rate in pips gained per signal not least because this would be a disservice to the scope of our analyses. It is not our goal to make money for you, after all you are in control and you choose how to use our analyses. Rather, our mission is to help you improve your trading to a point where you are consistently satisfied with your performance.

Your trading journey with us

We have all heard the old trading adage "Trading is not a sprint, it’s a marathon". The reality of consistent trading, however, is a bit more complicated than that. It is more of a triathlon rather than a marathon – sometimes you have to run, sometimes you have to swim, and sometimes you have to cycle yourself to success. The point is, you have to be agile and adaptive, being ready and willing to face anything and everything that the market has to throw at you. Just as sharks are.