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7 chapters and 34 sections covering all major aspects of trading on the capital markets

7 chapters and 34 sections covering all major aspects of trading on the capital markets

Introduction to Trading

Introduction to Trading
  • The Role of Market Participants and Other Foundational Concepts
  • What Considerations Should One Make Before Starting to Trade?
  • Classification of Basic Trading Concepts
  • Brokers, Regulation and How to Avoid Scams
  • The Main Types of Trading Orders

Technical Analysis

Technical Analysis
  • Preface to Technical Analysis and its Underlying Assumptions
  • Examining Different Types of Price Charts. Introduction to the Most Popular Types of Candlesticks
  • Trend Continuation Chart Patterns and Formations
  • Trend Reversal Chart Patterns and Formations
  • In-depth Examination of Directional Price Movements and the Market Cycle
  • On Price Ranges, Levels of Support and Resistance and Technical Trading Indicators
  • Important Time-Related Considerations
  • Elliott Wave Theory and the Fibonacci Retracement Levels

Fundamental Analysis

Fundamental Analysis
  • Introduction to Fundamental Analysis. Basic Economics in Trading
  • The Impact of Known Cognitive Biases on the Fundamental Analysis
  • Understanding the Impact of Market Psychology on the Price Action
  • Market Seasonality

The Psychology of Trading

The Psychology of Trading
  • The Impact of Emotional Decision-Making on the Trader’s Performance
  • Developing a Proper Trading Attitude
  • Evaluating the Efficiency of a Trading Strategy (Part 1 - Developing a Methodology for Assessment)
  • Evaluating the Efficiency of the Trading Strategy (Part 2 - Incremental vs. Transformational Changes)

Risk Management

Risk Management
  • Measuring Trading Risk
  • Reducing the Trading Risk - Introduction to Hedging in Trading
  • Introduction to Options Trading (Part 1)
  • Introduction to Options Trading (Part 2 - Using Options to Manage the Trading Risk)
  • Volatility Strategies for Risk Management

Developing a Trading Strategy

Developing a Trading Strategy
  • Introduction to Day Trading
  • Introduction to Position Trading
  • Introduction to Swing Trading and Scalping

Building Your Own Edge

Building Your Own Edge
  • Developing a Trading Journal and Introduction to Statistical Analysis
  • Introduction to the Trading Edge. Game Theory in Trading
  • Epistemology and Trading. Making Substantiated Educated Guesses
  • Concluding Remarks. Building a Trading Plan

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